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The Pumpkin Seed Eaters have been called...

"Best thing to hit soccer in Australia. Bigger than World Cup qualification."

- as stated by soccer_guy on soccer-forum.net (25/03/08).

The Pumpkin Seed Eaters 4th show of 2010! Friday 23rd February, 2010

Yes, we're back for yet another blockbuster episode! We preview round 12 in the VPL which marks the half-way point in what has been a very intriguing season thus far! There is also our Mail Bag/Media Watch segment during which we present a thesis supporting the Pumpkin Seed Eater's view on the FFA and also provide some audio from the World Football Gala event held in London mid-week. We also go to Singapore for our Aussies Abroad segment where we catch up with a player and the coach of Gombak United, the club who are about to face-off with our very own South Melbourne FC in the first round of the Singapore Cup next week. We hope that you enjoy the show and that you don't find the intro too arousing.... or disturbing!!!

We hope you enjoy the show!


Inter Monaro: Promoted '85 - Relegated '87 ...a now defunct but never forgotten part of NSL folklore!

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